CBPR: Assessing a Community’s Health Status Using Readily Available Secondary Data (2007)

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Source: Center for Community Health Development School of Rural Public Health Texas A&M–HSC

Type: Electronic Power Point Presentation

Level: Advanced

Description: This presentation summarizes the results of analysis of secondary data to provide information on baseline health status of the Brazos Valley Region of Texas. Presenter: Jane Bolin

Questionnaires in Clinical Trials: Guidelines for Optimal Design and Administration

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Source: Trials Journal

Type: Online Journal Article

Level: Intermediate

Description: Questionnaire design for Clinical Trials

Continuing Education Credits: N/A


Clinical Trials: In Depth

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Source: National Cancer Institute (NCI)

Type: Online Tutorial

Level: Basic-Intermediate

Description: This workbook is designed to complement the other materials in the NCI Clinical Trials Education Series. Each section of this workbook features information about different aspects of clinical trials, usually followed by an exercise or questions.

Continuing Education Credits: N/A