No.02/ June 2005


Welcome to the latest edition of the eClinician Newsletter!!

First of all I want to welcome all the clinicians who have received PDAs in the last few months. Thanks to your interest and support, we are reaching more clinicians everyday, training them about PDAs, useful electronic tools and guidelines. I hope these initiatives will increase your productivity and improve patient outcomes.

eNewsletterà I want to take a moment to tell you about this news letter. From now on you will be receiving this fortnightly news letter briefing you about the latest updates on the eClinician website and other developments in the eClinician project. 

Second Round PDA Trainingà As a part of eClinician Project, we have distributed 550 PDAs and 44 Routers. We are in the process of distributing more. We’ve recently started second round of PDA training sessions for the clinicians. Before you attend the second round training, I suggest you start using your PDAs. This will help you and the eClinician team to make the training sessions more productive.

ePocratesà We are distributing a free subscription to ePocrates software. All the clinicians who’ve received their PDAs will be receiving the licenses to download ePocrates software in this second round of training. Clinicians whom we could not meet at these sessions would be receiving their licenses via email.

We've gotten where we are today because of you. Now we're ready to move ahead.

Please get back to me at with any suggestions or concerns you have. This will help us prove how worthwhile eClinician Project is as we go ahead and work on future segments of the project. This will also let us gage what tools and information to include on the website in future.

As always please check out the website regularly and help us spread the word about eClinician in your community and to your colleagues.

Thanks again….meet you soon with more exciting news and updates!!

Raj Adusumilli, MD, MS
Chief Information Officer
Clinical Directors Network, Inc.(CDN)
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